Frequently Asked Questions 🐥

Why are the network fees so expensive sometimes?

Unfortunately, the network fee associated with adding, swapping, or sending crypto is not a fee we control or receive. For every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, the network requires a “gas fee” which fluctuates based on supply and demand. The Ethereum blockchain can sometimes be very busy, resulting in unusually high fees to perform transactions. We make sure to always show the estimated “gas fee” for every transaction so you can make informed decisions about how to use your money. Often it can be worth waiting for gas prices to come down before performing a given transaction.

Learn more about Gas/Transaction fees

Where can I find my secret phrase?

Your secret phrase is a set of 12 unique words that serves as the master password to your wallet. You can access it by going to Settings > Back Up. We recommend making a secure backup so you don't lose them! The app even lets you create a backup in iCloud.

How do I connect to a website on a desktop?

Rainbow currently connects to desktop websites using an open source project called WalletConnect. Click on the "Connect" button on the website you're visiting and then look for the WalletConnect logo. Tapping on the logo generates a QR code on screen that you can then scan using the scanner located within the Discover tab of the Rainbow app. If WalletConnect is not available on a website, connecting with the Rainbow app is unfortunately not an option at this time.

Can I use an existing Ethereum wallet with Rainbow?

In most cases, yes! Most Ethereum wallets that provide you with a secret phrase, mnemonic, or private key can be imported into Rainbow. MetaMask is a well-known example of an Ethereum wallet that you can use with Rainbow.

To import your MetaMask wallet into Rainbow, check out this guide.

Why am I getting "You need to import the wallet in order to do this"?

Looks like you imported using your ENS or public address, you'll want to import using your private key &/or your seed phrase to unlock the full functionality! If you go to you tap your wallet name or address, You can import another wallet right there!

Why isn't the Add Cash feature working for me?

Our payment processor has some restrictions based on location, card type, and bank. Currently we only accept payments made via debit card for the locations listed within the app.

Additionally, our processor is very strict about having your contact info (first and last name, billing address, email, phone number) exactly match the billing details associated with your card. You can edit your contact information in the Apple Pay sheet when you go to purchase. Please make sure these are all correct!

If you need more help, please feel free to email us!

Can I use an Ethereum wallet with Rainbow and another app like MetaMask at the same time?

Yes! It is technically okay to import your secret phrase or secret key in two wallet apps at the same time. The only downside to having a wallet in multiple places is you could be decreasing your level of overall security and increasing your chances of accidentally importing the wallet in the wrong place.

Why is my ETH balance insufficient?

For every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, there is a network fee (aka gas fee) that must be paid in ETH. If your wallet doesn't have enough ETH to cover the fee, then the transaction cannot be processed. Please note that Rainbow does not receive or control these network fees, and they fluctuate regularly based on network usage

Why is my wallet in "Watching" mode or saying it needs to be imported?

It looks like you imported using your public address instead of your private key or seed phrase! When you import a public address, the wallet is set to watching mode. You'll need to find and import the private key (64 digits) or seed phrase (12-24 words) from your wallet in order to unlock the full functionality!

How do I "cash out" or withdraw funds?

Currently there is not a way to convert crypto to fiat (USD) from within the app. Instead, you'll want to consolidate your assets as Ether and then send it from your Rainbow wallet to your account on a centralized exchange like Coinbase or Gemini.

We're working on adding ways to do this directly within Rainbow!

If Rainbow were to go out of business, would my wallet disappear?

Your wallet is 100% self-custody, meaning your wallet's secret phrase can be used with any other self-custody wallet app! As long as you have the secret phrase for your wallet, you can go anywhere that accepts this universal standard. You can even host your wallet in two different apps at once if you'd like.

How do I import my Rainbow wallet into MetaMask?

If you don't already have a MetaMask wallet on your browser, then you can go into the "Settings" area of Rainbow and tap "Backup" > "View Recovery Key". From there, you'll copy the 12-word seed/secret phrase and import that into MetaMask's initial welcome screen.