How to Import Your MetaMask Wallet into Rainbow

Importing your pre-existing Ethereum wallet is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started with Rainbow!

Ethereum wallets are fundamentally portable; you can import your secret phrase (or private key) into multiple wallet apps and products. Importing the secret phrase (or private key) from MetaMask into Rainbow has no impact whatsoever on your MetaMask wallet! You can continue to access your Ethereum wallet via MetaMask on your computer, while also using Rainbow on your phone.

Step 1: Download Rainbow on your phone 🌈 📲

Step 2: On the first page you see after downloading Rainbow, press the “I already have one” button

Step 3: Press the button labeled “Restore with a recovery phrase or private key”

Step 4: Enter the seed phrase (or private key) of your MetaMask wallet

Step 5: Press “Import”

✨ Tada! ✨

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