Customize your ENS Profile

Rainbow makes customizing your ENS profile easy and fun, giving you a portable, decentralized profile for web3. While Rainbow shows a user interface for your profile, your name and all profile data is stored on-chain with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Below you’ll find the ins and outs of how to snag a .eth name and customize your ENS profile directly within Rainbow.

Getting Started with ENS Profiles:

Let’s step back for a moment and re-review what ENS is and how you can snag one of those .eth names.

  • ENS (Ethereum Naming Service) is a decentralized web3 identity and username platform. As we referenced earlier, you may have seen many people displaying a .eth name as their Twitter username. These .eth names are ENS domains. On a basic level, owning an ENS domain allows you to have a simple and human-friendly username that will redirect to your long and complicated wallet address.

So, instead of having to remember or constantly copy a string like this (your public wallet address): 0x7a3d05c70581bD345fe117c06e45f9669205384f - you can instead send people this: rainbowwallet.eth

To get started on customizing your profile, you’ll need to purchase an ENS name. Luckily, Rainbow makes this super accessible directly within the app!


Once you’ve got the name, you now have the ability to edit your profile as an additional extension of your customized web3 experience. Rainbow gives you an easy, and fun way to further express yourself using a decentralized profile.

When you’re ready to begin your ENS journey and customize your ENS profile, you can follow the instructions below:

  1. On your main wallet screen, you’ll start by clicking the search icon on the bottom main bar.

  2. Once opened you'll screen down where you'll tap on the Create your ENS profile card to begin!

  3. Once you click on that card, you’ll be brought to the Create Your ENS Profile screen. Here you can either:

  1. Once you decide which name you’d like to edit, the profile editing screen will pop-up

  2. As you begin editing, make sure you understand that: “The data you provide here will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain - meaning it will be visible to everyone and accessible by anyone. Do not share any data you are uncomfortable with publicizing.” Keep this in mind before finalizing any details.

  3. You can now customize and tailor your profile to your liking! This includes:

    • Adding a profile photo and custom cover image via uploading a photo or using an NFT

    • Adding your Name, Bio, Website, Twitter (or additional categories by using the 3 dots) 👈 you can also remove categories here by clicking on those categories.

  4. Once you’re set, you can click the Review button at the bottom where a confirmation screen will appear. If you have multiple ENS names, there will also be a display allowing you to decide if this is the ENS name you’d like to set as your primary ENS name. If everything looks good, you can proceed forward by hitting confirm update!

    • 📌 Since this information is hardcoded on the blockchain, it means that every edit will produce a gas transaction fee. It’d be wise to edit everything in one to save on the gas fees!

  1. You now have your newly customized profile! You can view your profile details a couple of different ways:

    • By clicking on the ENS name under your collectibles and scrolling down to your profile info

    • By heading back to your wallet overview screen and clicking on your wallet icon

      • Here, you can also tap the Edit Profile button or tap the three dots to go back to your wallet, copy your address, add to contacts, view on etherscan, etc.

    • By heading back to the Discover - Create your ENS Profile and selecting either the name that’s currently set or choosing from another name you currently own