DeFi Positions in Rainbow

You can view a wallet’s DeFi positions directly within Rainbow!

Using Rainbow you can…

  • easily see what positions you and your watched wallets hold

  • quickly access a position’s dapp to manage your position on the go

Whether it's staying updated on your allocations or making quick adjustments, Rainbow helps you stay updated on your investments at all times.

Rainbow currently supports the following DeFi protocols

Supported protocols by Network:

  • Ethereum: Aave v2 Compound Yearn v2 Maker

  • Polygon: Aave v2 Aave v3

  • Optimism: Aave v3 Yearn v2

  • Arbitrum: Aave v3 Yearn v2

Supported networks by protocol:

  • Aave v2: Ethereum Polygon

  • Aave v3: Ethereum Polygon Optimism Arbitrum

  • Yearn v2: Ethereum Optimism Arbitrum

  • Compound: Ethereum

  • Maker: Ethereum