Failed to Send Transaction

When attempting to conduct transactions, you may come across an error pop-up that says: “Failed to send transaction”. Below, you’ll find some key details on what this error could mean and how you can resolve this 👇

SPAM NFTs or Tokens:

This error may pop up if the NFT or Token you are attempting to send is SPAM and is not sendable on the Ethereum network. You can dig into this further by checking out the tokens contract address and seeing if there were any other transactions conducted on the contract beyond the initial mint transaction.

For example, you can see that this token has no additional transactions beyond the initial mint:

👆 Fortunately, your wallet is not at risk due to SPAM tokens! Rainbow automatically detects when you receive new tokens/assets and displays them without you having to manually find and add the token's contract address. In 99% of cases, this automatic detection is ideal. In the rare case you receive SPAM, we have a feature that lets you hide unwanted tokens.

What if my NFT or Token isn’t SPAM and I get this error?

There’s a couple things we’d advise to clear this error!

  1. If you’re attempting to use custom gas, we’d advise attempting to choose one of the available gas options instead.

  2. If you're already using one of the available gas options, we think the best route for this would be a quick refresh of the app data.