How to Use Rainbow With Your Reddit Vault

In 2022, Reddit launched several types of Ethereum based digital goods on their platform, including token-based community points and collectible avatars—NFTs that allow you to style your Reddit avatar in special and exclusive ways.

Because Reddit uses Ethereum based wallets, tokens and collectibles, you can use Rainbow to view, trade, sell and share the digital assets you have purchased or earned through Reddit!

What is a Reddit Vault?

When you earn or purchase digital goods on Reddit, Reddit issues you a wallet called a Reddit Vault. This wallet is created during the purchase process of a collectible, or you can create a Vault using the Reddit mobile app. You can learn more about how to create and access a Reddit Vault within Reddit on their official documentation.

Only you can access the contents of your Reddit Vault. Reddit cannot access any of the digital goods or points inside of it.

How do I use Rainbow with my Reddit Vault?

It’s easy to use Rainbow to manage your Reddit Vault. You can import your Reddit Vault into Rainbow with only a few simple steps.

Get your Reddit Vault’s recovery phrase:

You can find your Vault’s recovery phrase by accessing your Vault’s settings.

You can always access your Vault on Reddit’s mobile app. If you have backed your Recovery Phrase up to Reddit, you can also access the Vault on desktop.

Copy this phrase to your clipboard. To keep your wallet safe, do not share your recovery phrase with anyone, and make sure to keep it backed up.

Import your Reddit Vault’s recovery phrase into Rainbow:

Once you have your recovery phrase, you can import your Vault into Rainbow.

Open up Rainbow and Add an existing wallet. You’ll be taken to a screen where you can paste your Reddit Vault’s secret phrase. Click Import, and that’s it!

You now have your Reddit Vault in Rainbow! You can even give your wallet a special name and emoji to make sure it’s recognizable in your list of wallets.

What can I do after I have imported my Reddit Vault into Rainbow?

After you’ve imported your Reddit Vault into Rainbow, you can…

Fund your wallet with crypto to pay for gas fees associated with managing your Community Points. Learn how to fund your crypto wallet on Rainbow here.

Swap ETH for MATIC, so you can transfer your NFTs out of Reddit, trade them, or list them for sale.

List, buy, and sell your avatars on marketplaces like OpenSea.

Give your wallet an ENS name with Rainbow’s ENS flow!

View and share your collectibles on Rainbow web profiles by going to