Import an existing ETH Wallet

One of the big differences between Web3 and the traditional internet is that you actually own and control your own stuff. Your wallet is your "account" and you can instantly move it someplace else using its secret phrase (or private key).

🗣️ If you decided Rainbow wasn't for you, then you aren't stuck and there are no hoops to jump through. We don't ever have access to your wallet or your assets...only you do! On a basic level, wallet apps like Rainbow are simply tools to manage your own cryptographic keys. You can even have your wallet in two places or apps at once.

  1. On the first page you see after downloading Rainbow, press the “I already have one” button.

  2. Press the button labeled “Restore with a recovery phrase or private key”.

  3. Enter the secret phrase (or private key) of your existing Ethereum wallet.

    • 📌 Note that when you’re using your secret phrase, you’ll want to enter those words exactly in their specific order with one space in between each word. No additional characters are needed.

  4. Tap the “Import” button.