Insufficient Matic

When attempting to conduct transactions on the Polygon network, in Rainbow, you may come across an error pop-up that says: “Insufficient Matic”. Below, you’ll find some key details on how you can resolve this 👇


If you’re receiving this error it means that you might not have enough Matic (also known as polygon) tokens on the Polygon network.

It can get a bit confusing because Matic tokens are on Polygon, Ethereum, and other networks too. But you need those matic/polygon tokens on the Polygon network to pay for gas there.


There are a few different paths to resolving this message so you can continue to move forward on interacting with those funds.

Purchase Matic:

You can purchase Matic on Polygon directly from one of our purchase providers. Check out our guide here for additional information:

Use the Socket Refuel Bridge:

If you currently have assets, you can use the Socket Refuel Bridge to swap those tokens. You can find that bridge and additional information at:

  • Keep in mind, if you're swapping from L1 assets to L2 (which is Polygon) costs can be expensive!

Use the SmolRefuel Bridge:

An additional path would be to use SmolRefuel which can aid in getting you those tokens. You can find that bridge available at: