Lock your Rainbow App on iOS

Apple has the ability to add a custom lock screen action on any app. In this guide, we'll share how to apply this to Rainbow to add a custom lock screen action before the app opens as an additional means of security!

How to:

  1. Locate the shortcuts app on your iOS device

  2. Under the shortcuts tab, make sure you have a created Lock Screen shortcut.

    • To do so, you'll tap the + in the upper right hand corner and search for Lock Screen. For added info, be sure to check out Apple's guide available here.

  3. Once you have the lock screen shortcut created, head to the Automation tab and tap New Automation

  4. Then, you'll search for App. Tap that to move forward.

  1. On the App section, you'll want to tap that and select Rainbow from your list of apps.

    • Make sure Is Opened is ticked on the next screen, then tap Choose.

    • You can also select how you want this action to display. For the purposes of this article, I have my action set to run immediately (without confirmation).

    • Once finished, you can tap Next.

  2. This will then bring you to a screen that needs you to the action screen. For this, you'll want to select the Lock Screen shortcut we created earlier.

  3. From here your automation should be created and can be edited anytime by tapping the Automation tab at the bottom of the shortcuts app.

  4. If you expand, you can tailor these settings at anytime depending on your preferences!