Restore Sub-Wallets

What are HD Wallets?

Before diving deeper, it’s important to explain what “HD Wallets” are.

Rainbow creates “HD Wallets” which stands for hierarchical deterministic wallet. Your wallet has a cryptographic secret phrase that can be used to generate a primary wallet and an infinite number of sub-wallets.

When you create multiple wallets in Rainbow, you're actually generating sub-wallets using the same secret phrase!

Restoring your Sub-Wallets:

To see your additional sub wallets after restoring or by deleting, you’ll follow the steps below:

  1. You’ll want to select the wallet switcher.

  2. Tap Add another wallet.

  3. Next you’ll tap Create a new wallet. The option to re-name your wallet will pop-up and your wallet will re-appear!

📌 It’s important to note that restoring those additional wallets will restore from the order they were created. If you have multiple wallets, or say wallets that were empty, you’ll want to continue to create a new wallet until all of your wallets appear.If you have any questions, always connect with us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!

Multiple Secret Phrases:

If you have multiple secret phrases, the first 12-word secret phrase you enter will be the one that Rainbow uses to restore those additional wallet addresses.

Rainbow automatically searches for active wallet addresses within that secret phrase. If it finds two inactive addresses, it will stop adding new wallets. You can manually create them by adding more wallet addresses to create all relevant sub-wallet addresses from a single phrase!

To check your additional phrase(s) for the sub-wallets, you will need to clear your Rainbow data and use that second phrase to initialize the wallet the second time.

⚠️ To reset Rainbow completely and clear all data, please connect with us at [email protected] for those instructions. Be sure to, have/write down any secret phrases, save any data or backup all your wallets BEFORE both connecting with us and following the steps are share. Once your app is reset, your information will be wiped and will be unretrievable.