Send ETH

Buying ETH from a crypto exchange can often have fewer limitations, but it also requires more account setup and approval. To learn how to buy ETH from Coinbase or Gemini, we recommend using their Help Centers:

⚠️ Rainbow only supports ETH and Ethereum-based assets. Do not send other types of cryptocurrencies or assets to your wallet.

After successfully acquiring ETH on an exchange, you can then send it to your wallet by copying your wallet's public address:

  1. Tap the copy icon on your main screen to get your wallet's public address.

  2. Paste this address into your crypto exchange's send flow.

Send directly from your wallet by using the Send button:

  1. Tap the send button on your main screen.

  2. You’ll then select (or paste) the wallet address you’re looking to send ETH to.

  3. You’ll then select the asset you’re looking to send.

  4. You’ll then be brought to the review screen to adjust the amount that you’re looking to send.

  5. Once you’ve reviewed, you’ll then hold to send to send!