Bridge Tokens on the Browser Extension

You can easily bridge tokens in the extension by following the swap flow!

To start, you'll click the swap function on your main wallet screen:

You'll then select the token you're looking to bridge from one network to another. Our current flow has the bridge structure connected to swaps. You don't necessarily have to swap to access the bridge flow. More on that in the steps below!

Once you select the token you're looking to bridge, you'll then be prompted to select either a token to swap to or the network. For the purpose of just bridging, you'll only need to focus on selecting the network you're looking to bridge the funds to.

In this example, I have USDC on mainnet selected, I'll be selecting the Polygon network to bridge the funds to:

As soon as I selected the Polygon network, you see a 🔄 Bridge section appear! In order to move forward on the bridging, all you'll need to do is select the token that appears under this section. So, since I had USDC on mainnet originally selected, I'll select USDC on Polygon to proceed forward with the transaction.

💡 If you wanted to bridge and swap, this is where you'd select an alternate token after selecting a different network. For more information, you can check our Learn resources on what Cross-Chain swaps are:

You now are fully in the bridge flow and can continue to conduct the transaction!

📫 Have additional questions? Make sure to connect with our support team at [email protected] where we'll be happy to help!