⌘K and Ctrl+K

Interact with Wallets

  • Use My Wallets to view your wallet list in ⌘K

  • Search for an ENS, public address, your named wallets

  • Use ⌘⏎ or ⇧⏎ to takes actions on a specific wallet

    • Switch to This Wallet to switch your selected wallet

    • Watch This Wallet to watch a new public address or ENS and use it in Impersonation Mode

    • Copy Address to copy the public address of the wallet

    • View on Etherscan to browser the wallet on the Etherscan block explorer

Interact with Tokens

  • Use My Tokens to view your token list and balances for the selected wallet

  • Search for a token with a name, symbol, or contract address to filter your token list

  • Use ⌘⏎ or ⇧⏎ to takes actions on a specific token

    • View Token to view the price chart and more information about the token

    • Send to transfer an amount of the token to another wallet

    • Swap to find a cross-chain swap quote to trade the token


  • Search is the primary way you'll navigate ⌘K; just start typing to search for an action or a wallet or token

  • You can always search for a public address, an ENS address, or your custom wallet name to interact with a specific wallet

  • When searching for a token that you already own, you can press to jump right to the chart interface, or use the ⌘⏎ or ⇧⏎ menu to find more actions for a token

Quick Actions

  • Lock Rainbow to lock the extension and require a password for the next interaction

  • Copy Address to copy the public address of the selected wallet

  • Add a Wallet to view a menu to create, import, connect, or watch a new wallet

  • Create a Wallet to directly create a new hot wallet with an existing or new Wallet Group

  • Import a Wallet to import a Secret Recovery Phrase or Private Key

  • Watch a Wallet to follow a wallet with a public address or ENS name and use it in Impersonation Mode

  • Add a Hardware Wallet to pair a Ledger or Trezor device with Rainbow

Quick Navigation

  • Send to jump to transfer tokens to another address

  • Swap to jump to our Swaps & Cross-chain Bridging feature

  • Connected Apps to view the dApps with connection permissions

  • My QR Code to view the QR code for the selected wallet to easily send to your wallet from a mobile wallet

  • Settings to quickly navigate to the Settings menu

  • View NFTs to view your portfolio on Rainbow.me

  • Wallets & Keys to manage your Wallet Groups and Private Keys in Settings

  • View Full Screen to open the Rainbow extension in an expanded tab

Toggle Settings

  • Hide Balances for Privacy

  • Hide Small Balances to reduce token dust


  • You can use ESC or or the back arrow button to navigate out of a submenu in ⌘K

  • You can use ESC or the close button to close the ⌘K feature