Common Browser Extension Issues

Additional Extensions Installed:

One of the most common issues with the extension is that other extensions are likely interfering with it.

  • Rainbow itself is compatible with MetaMask, and in fact, you can toggle between them with the default wallet toggle.

  • All others wallets however could cause a conflict. While we work on improving those, the first step to correcting these issues is to disable those additional extensions.

    • ⚠️ Keep in mind, you will want to disable NOT delete, as deleting/removing could cause issues with your secret phrase information on those additional wallets.

Brave Browser 🦁:

Recently, Brave made changes to push their embedded wallet as the default. This caused the behavior for extensions like Rainbow or MetaMask to be completely different across Windows and macOS. This pushed that you could get into a corrupted state where you'd need to force the setting to overwrite as "Extensions (no fallback)" for the expected behavior.

If you're running into issues on Brave specifically, it's best to double check the default web3 wallet settings in Brave by using this link: brave://settings/web3

Connecting to a dapp that doesn't have Rainbow:

Some dapps don't inherently have Rainbow as an available connection option. In these cases, you can connect using either the MetaMask option or, (if MetaMask is not available), you can select the standard Browser Wallet.

➡️ For additional resources on this, check out our guide here: Connecting and Disconnecting dapps

Still running into issues?

Connect with us at [email protected] with the below details and we'll be happy to help!

  • Your Browser Information

  • Your OS Information