Custom Networks on the Browser Extension

Custom networks are finally here! In this guide, we'll break down how to add those networks and get started using them.

  • Note that custom networks are only available in the browser extension and are NOT supported in the mobile app.

Adding Custom Networks:

  1. You'll start by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the extension.

  2. Then, you'll head to ⚙️ Settings

  3. Next, you'll click 🌐 Networks

  1. Next, click the + Add Custom Network option

  2. From here, you'll select the network you're looking to add. For the purposes of this guide, we're using zkSync.

  1. You'll then be brought to the network screen with additional details for you to customize.

    • If you want to change this later, you can! And we'll share those additional steps further down.

  2. And that's it! You should then see the network alongside those others on that 🌐 Networks screen!

Adding RPC and Custom Tokens:

Now that the network has been added, you can easily add RPCs or custom tokens. Under that same 🌐 Networks screen, you'll want to click on that network you added. For this example, we're again using zkSync.

  1. From here, you'll see a few different options:

    • Add RPC Endpoints

    • Add Custom Token

    • Remove Network (if you're looking to delete.

  2. Add RPC Endpoint directs you to this added screen.

    • In the context of crypto, an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) endpoint refers to a communication interface that allows external programs or services to interact with a blockchain or node. It enables remote execution of predefined functions or procedures on the node, providing a way for external entities to query information or perform actions on the blockchain network.

    • For added info, check out this awesome guide by Dark Forest:

  3. Add Custom Token directs you to the ability to add tokens on these custom networks that are otherwise not visible in Rainbow.