Navigating with your Keyboard

For the moments when you want to blast through a transaction without even touching your mouse or trackpad, we've created universal Keyboard Navigation across the Rainbow extension. It stacks with our Keyboard Shortcuts to create an even faster wallet experience.

Press and to toggle between the Tokens and Activity panes. Scroll through lists with and and choose an item with return. Jump between buttons and input fields with the tab key, and close alerts and menus with esc. Wherever you can navigate, as you move around with the arrow keys and tab, your current selection will always be highlighted.

If you've decided to reject a dApp's connect or signature request, just press esc to dismiss and reject a request. If you want to choose a different wallet or network when you're connecting to a dApp, use the W and N shortcuts and combine with the arrow keys and return to select a different wallet or network. You can always close a selection menu with the esc key as well.

This universal Keyboard Navigation experience will be available across all of our upcoming features.

Reference the Shortcuts Cheatsheet to move & transact even faster ⚡️