Shortcuts Cheatsheet

You can toggle the extension open and closed with Option-Shift-R on macOS or Alt-Shift-R on Windows ⚡️

Core wallet

From the main wallet screen, quickly navigate the wallet's features:

  • Wallet Switcher W

  • Lock L

  • Close esc

  • Copy Address C

  • Swap X

  • Send S

  • Profile P

  • My QR Code Q

  • Connected Apps D

  • Settings ,

  • More Menu .

  • Refresh R

  • Search K


From the Tokens tab, click on a Token and select an action:

  • Swap X

  • Send S

  • View on Etherscan V


From the Activity tab, click on a Transaction and select an action:

  • For confirmed transactions:

    • View on Etherscan V

    • Copy Transaction Hash C

  • For pending transactions:

    • Speed up S

    • Cancel esc

    • Copy Transaction Hash C

Wallet switching

  • 1 2 3 hotkeys from the Core Wallet, Wallet Switcher, or My QR Code screens will switch to your corresponding wallet

  • These number bindings reflect the order of your wallets within the Wallet Switcher. You can always reorder wallets with a click-drag

  • Press / from the Wallet Switcher list to focus on the Search input field. This allows you to use W and / in succession from the Core Wallet screen to quickly switch to the wallet you’re looking for, without touching your mouse

dApp Connection prompts

  • Switch Wallet Shortcuts (1 2 3 etc. hotkeys) are now available within a dApp Connection Prompt. Just press a number hotkey to switch to the wallet you’d like to connect

  • Press W to open the Wallet Selection menu to see your list of wallets and their corresponding number hotkeys

  • Press N to open the Network Selection menu to see the list of available networks. You can also use the 1 2 3 hotkeys to select the corresponding network

dApp Transaction and Signature prompts

  • Press ESC to deny a transaction or message signature request popup


  • Select Top Input ⌥ + ↑ or alt + ↑

  • Select Bottom Input ⌥ + ↓ or alt + ↓

  • Max Amount M

  • Switch Value F

  • Custom Gas C

  • Gas Menu G

  • Contact Menu .


  • Click on the ... more menu in the Send flow to manage a Contact

  • Copy Contact address C

  • Edit Contact Name E


  • Top Input ⌥ + ↑ or alt + ↑

  • Bottom Input ⌥ + ↓ or alt + ↓

  • Flip Tokens F