Testnets on the Browser Extension

Testnet support for the Browser extension is here! Any dapp that supports the following testnets will be usable with Rainbow:

  • Ethereum Goerli

  • Ethereum Sepolia

  • Optimism Goerli

  • Arbitrum Goerli

  • Polygon Mumbai

  • Base Goerli

  • BSC Testnet

  • Zora Testnet

How to connect or switch:

  1. You'll start by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the extension.

  2. Then click Settings

  3. Then click Networks

  4. Once on the Networks tab, you'll toggle the Enable Developer Tools option which will display the associated testnets.

You can also enable testnets with the Magic Menu with ⌘K. Or, you can press T on your keyboard from the wallet screen to instantly activate Testnet Mode.

When active, you can easily switch between testnets with the Connect menu at the top-left. You'll know when you're protected by Testnet Mode because you'll see the green Testnet Mode banner across your wallet.

Important details:

  • Your testnet assets will show as invisible in the extension, but will be displayed if a dapp your connecting too is requesting those assets.

  • You can always connect to a testnet and sign testnet transactions when interacting with dapps, even without Testnet Mode active. Testnet Mode is there to protect you when you want it.

  • We recommend triple checking which network you are connected to, to be sure you're signing and interacting on the correct network.