Your NFTs on the Browser Extension

NFTs for the extension are here! In this guide, we'll briefly share how you can access those and the different resources available for you.


  • You can view your NFTs by selecting the grid icon on the bottom task bar (the 4 squares).

  • From here, you can then choose how you'd like to view these NFTs, either via the traditional collections view or the Gallery Mode which will display your NFTs in a grid.

  • You can then sort these NFTs, either via by your most recently acquired ones, or, alphabetically

You can then expand upon the NFT and view some of the common features that are also available in the app. You'll be able to download, view on their respective marketplaces, or their designated explorers:

Running into issues?

Always feel free to connect with our support team at [email protected], or by checking out our chat feature here!