Is Rainbow Wallet Safe?

When it comes to managing your crypto and collectibles, safety is incredibly important, and Rainbow Wallet takes this responsibility seriously.

Read on to learn more about the key features and practices that make Rainbow Wallet a safe place for your onchain assets.

Rainbow is open source

Being open source is a significant factor that enhances the safety of Rainbow. .

When a wallet is open source, it means that anyone can look at the underlying code. You can view Rainbow’s code base on Github here, if you want!

This transparency allows developers, security experts, and the wider community to examine the code, identify vulnerabilities, and suggest improvements. By having multiple sets of eyes reviewing the codebase, potential bugs, security loopholes, or malicious code can be quickly identified and addressed.

Being open source also promotes accountability and discourages hidden or proprietary backdoors—a secret way for someone to get inside software and access things they shouldn't.

Rainbow is open source so you can feel confident about your choice in wallet, and secure in the belief Rainbow does not have any hidden features that could compromise your security or privacy.

Rainbow has a world class team

Rainbow’s team consists of world-class developers who have years of experience working on some of the most trusted wallets in the world, like MetaMask. They bring their extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure that Rainbow meets the highest standards of security.

In addition, unlike other wallets, Rainbow provides you with support. If you ever run into an issue or a problem with Rainbow, you can reach out to our dedicated team and get a fast answer to your question.

Rainbow does not ask for any personal information

Rainbow takes the protection of your personal information seriously. We follow a strict policy of not gathering any personally identifying information (PII) about our users.

You don’t need to give us your email address or name to use Rainbow, and by extension, your personal details, such as your name, address, or contact information, are not collected or stored in our systems.

Because Rainbow does not collect this data, we minimize the risk of your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands due to data breaches or unauthorized access.

Rainbow Wallet is a safe choice and trusted choice for a self-custodial wallet

Using Rainbow, you can enjoy a heightened level of privacy and peace of mind, knowing that your crypto remains secure.

Rainbow is committed to providing a safe, secure, and anonymous wallet experience where your privacy is valued and respected.