Jun 25, 2024

Rainbow Rewards!


The plan is simple: Do stuff onchain → Get Points → Earn ETH Repeat Today we’re airdropping ETH to the top 10,000 all time Points leaders.

Going forward, ETH Rewards will be airdropped every Tuesday, at 4:20pm EST, to the top 1,000 Rainbow users based on the number of points they earned last week.

How to Claim:

You can claim your ETH Rewards on any Superchain network supported by Rainbow. Here’s how to claim! Look out for fun activities on Base, Zora Network & OP Mainnet this Onchain summer featured in Rainbow :) We are covering all gas costs, so you’ll be able to claim your free ETH

Keep earning Points:

The best way to earn points is by referring friends to Rainbow, and then encouraging them to do stuff onchain. When you refer new users, you’ll receive a percentage of the points they earn every week from doing stuff onchain. It’s an easy way to earn more points and stay in the top 1000.